Erik's Web PatentMailer

Interested in finding out more about an issued United States Patent--or a pending patent application?
This tool is designed to retrieve the patent (or pending application) from the United States Patent and Trademark Office's web site with minimal human intervention. Further--and most importantly--the resulting PDF file includes the figures, or drawings, that help describe the invention.

Included are both command line and CGI scripts for Un*x variants (most particularly Linux) that will fetch the documents.

The homepage for PatentMailer on the web is

Change Log

Perl Web Version

Files: patentmailer.tar.gz

Required Software: Perl 5, Ghostscript (versions 5.5 and higher preferred for smaller output file sizes), libtiff

Required CPAN modules: CGI, MIME::Lite, LWP::UserAgent, and HTTP::Request. Easy install: at command line type 'perl -MCPAN -e shell' and at the "cpan>" prompt type "install CGI" or "install MIME::Lite", etc.


Underlying Tools and Scripts

Pat2PdfThis is the "soul" of the earlier bash version of this endeavor, this command line bash shell script by Oren Tirosh can be found at <>.